Small Franchise

Businesses are the key
to the American economy

America's 781,000 franchise small businesses are under attack by labor special interest groups — hurting workers, small business owners, communities, and our nation's economy.

Fight for workers and small franchise businesses

Facts about franchises

  • Franchising has built over 781,000 establishments and supports nearly 18 million jobs in the United States. Take a look at our infographic and 2015 outlook to learn more about franchising impacting the U.S economy.
  • This collection of workers constitutes nearly 15 percent of the private workforce in the United States.
  • Franchise businesses provide security for small business owners and employees as a source of stable and reliable productivity during periods of both expansion and recovery.
  • Franchise business gives workers of all skill levels the opportunity to enter the workforce and gain valuable work experience.
  • For decades, franchises have been a major boost to the economy by creating $889 billion in economic output and produce $521 billion for the U.S.'s GDP.

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